owner + creative director


A native of Charlotte, NC Francie grew up in a household where dinners took place around the table with her family of five.  The younger of two older brothers, she learned early on that if you helped your mother with the cooking, you didn’t have to do the dishes. From these occasions a love for food was born, and although her tastes continue to evolve, gathering with family and friends over a home-cooked meal remains the source of her passion.

After graduating from The College of Charleston, Francie pursued her passion for hospitality and food by attending the International Culinary School at The Art Institute in Vancouver, BC. She took advantage of Vancouver’s diverse food scene - fine dining, farm-to-table and her favorite...a grilled cheese food truck - while working under several of the city’s most reputable chefs.

After years of cooking and working in various cities (Vail, CO; Charleston, SC; Sydney, AUS), Francie returned home to Charlotte, NC where it all began. After working in sales and event coordination for a local catering company, Francie’s heart led her back in the kitchen. Recognizing a void in the Charlotte boutique catering market, Francie started                       FR | c u s t o m c a t e r i n g | in the Winter of 2016. By combining three key ingredients - family, friends and food - Francie fulfilled a lifelong dream.